Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Combining Two Powerful Symbols in One

If you want to say many things with just one picture on your body, the wolf dreamcatcher tattoo is the ideal choice for you. Both elements are deeply symbolic and look great separately, so combining them should produce even better results. Use some tips and ideas that can get your creativity working and give you the inspiration you need for the design.

The dreamcatcher consists of a hoop with a net woven within its frame. It usually has dangles attached to it. These are decorated with feathers and beads. In the Native American culture, it is a symbol of unity. Traditionally, the Native Americans have been using it to chase the bad dreams away from infants and to protect them. The wolf symbolizes many things. Some of the main meanings of this animal as a symbol include power, perseverance, determination, loyalty, friendship and success.

A wolf dreamcatcher tattoo will certainly have deep meaning for you. The question is how to create it. Most people prefer to embed the image of the wolf inside the hoop of the dreamcatcher. This design is great because it incorporates the two symbols neatly and virtually unites them. Another option is to have the wolf wearing the dreamcatcher. You may have the spiritual symbol and the wolf howling at it.

It is a good idea to make the dreamcatcher more stylized if the wolf will be the centerpiece of the tattoo. You would not want the hoop to have any net or decorations. The dangling feathers and beats can be very simplistic without complex curves. In general, you can choose a gaudier design provided that the picture will be big and all elements can be seen clearly.

There are different ways in which the wolf can be depicted in a wolf dreamcatcher tattoo. Usually, only the animal’s head is tattooed so that the focus can be on the eyes and the crest which make it magnificent and powerful. In a typical picture, the animal seems to have its head sticking out of the loop so the two are roughly the same size.

However, you can also choose to have a smaller and/or stylized image of the animal’s head. You can have two or three wolves looking through the hoop. It is up to you to decide whether to have a staring animal, one that is howling or one that is ready to attack. Another attractive option is to have the entire animal depicted within the hoop. It may be jumping or howling at the moon.

Get a wolf dreamcatcher tattoo that reflects your preferences and requirements.

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