Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoo Ideas for Women

Great Options Every Girl Should Consider

There are various tattoo ideas for women that girls with different styles will like. The reality is that you can have just about anything depicted on your skin. You just need to consider your individual preferences and requirements and some of the most popular options.

Butterflies are among the favorite choices of nearly all women. They symbolize beauty, happiness, freedom, elegance and exquisiteness. You can have a butterfly of any style, design and color. The complexity of the tattoo depends entirely on you. The butterfly can be on a twig with blossoms or within a star. The choices are many and different.

Flowers are no doubt some of the first tattoo ideas for women that come to mind. You can have any exotic flower depicted on your body. Lotuses, orchids, lilies and roses are some of the most popular options. The beauty of the flower comes from its color as well as from its shape so you have to be careful when making color choices as well.

Angels symbolize virtue, beauty and hope. They come in many different styles. You can have a sweet little angle with a baby face or one that seems to come from a Gothic painting. In general, there are plenty of design options when it comes to this type of tattoo so you should definitely do some research before making a final choice.

Wings, stars and crosses are other great tattoo ideas for women. Not surprisingly, wings go best on the shoulder blades so you automatically become an angel yourself. Just keep in mind that these have to be large enough to produce the desired result.

Stars of different styles are usually used to symbolize family members or dreams. They are often used to form another shape or symbol. The cross is a deeply religious symbol which may not be suitable for all. One thing to note, however, is that it can come in different feminine styles and get adorned with floral and beautiful scroll or Celtic motifs.

Fictional cartoon characters certainly make their entry into the top tattoo ideas for women. Betty Boop and Tinker Bell are perhaps the most popular characters depicted on women’s bodies, even though the anime characters have gained great popularity lately. These seem like more girlish options, but with the right design and colors such a tattoo can be really feminine and elegant.

Consider different tattoo ideas for women and keep in mind that the position also plays a great role. Some designs are more suitable for the arms while others are made for the back or ankles. Pick a position as you pick your favorite tattoo.

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