Small Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Small dreamcatcher tattoo

Getting a Unique Tattoo to Match Your Unique Personality

No matter whether you want to get your first tattoo or look for something impressive, a small dreamcatcher tattoo is the ideal choice. It is symbolic and it looks great. You just need to choose the design, the size, the colors and the right spot on the body to get the best possible result.

A small dreamcatcher tattoo should have the main elements of the original symbol of the Native American people which is supposed to keep the bad dreams away. The hoop and the net woven within it are a must. These elements are actually sufficient, but most people want a more detailed and complex symbol. Typically, feathers and beads are added to the dreamcatcher so you may want to have these on your skin as well. It is also possible to get a large hoop with a net and smaller ones hanging from it. This design is attractive as well.

There are different ways in which the original design can be made more artistic and impressive. The net inside the hoop can have a floral design, a star design or a spider web design. Additional symbols can be incorporated into the tattoo as well. Popular symbols of the Native American culture such as wolves, hawks, bears and bear paws are quite attractive. Some people choose to incorporate symbols and good luck charms typical for other cultures such as hearts, shamrocks, butterflies, horses, tigers and even evil eye charms.

How small should a small dreamcatcher tattoo be? You can readily have a symbol that is just an inch long and possibly an inch wide. You can also have a tattoo that measures three by two inches. In general, this is a personal choice. Just keep in mind that the dreamcatcher symbol is generally complex and has a number of elements which have to be clearly visible if you want to get the full “wow” effect.

When it comes to colors, black is always a good choice for a small dreamcatcher tattoo. It will make it easy to notice. Additional decorative colors to consider include grey, red, blue, green and orange. Grey, in particular, is often used to make feathers look more realistic and to create dreamy effect. Just make sure that you use a harmonious color combination. More color does not necessarily mean more beauty.

Where is the best spot for a small dreamcatcher tattoo? The upper arm, the shoulder and the ankle are popular choices. Girls can have the symbol tattooed on their wrist or ankle so that it looks like a bracelet charm.

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