Cherokee Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Cherokee Dreamcatcher Tattoos

The Cherokee Dreamcatcher Tattoos have always had a wealth of meaning and often signified something special. The Cherokee are Native Americans who settled in the south eastern parts of the United States like Georgia and East Tennessee. Native Americans have been in the practice of tattooing their bodies for as long as one can date their history. While the symbols bear a certain level of resemblance to the tribal designs, they had a depth of meaning not often found in the tattoos of today. Many tattoo specialists feel that the lines and colors depicted in tattoos today are more random than meaningful.

The Cherokee people make use of their tattoos to signify various things in a person’s life and to show that the individual belongs to a particular tribe. Tattoos can also identify the individual’s rank within the tribe based on the culture of the tribe. Native American tattoos, for example the Cherokee Dreamcatcher tattoo is very special with each line having a purpose of its own. If you are not from the Cherokee tribe it is important that you do a considerable amount of research before you get yourself tattooed with the Dreamcatcher tattoo or any other symbol.

The history behind the Dreamcatcher tattoo is that it helps to absorb the wearer’s bad dreams. This tattoo is one of numerous designs, but with its own specific purpose. The tattoos is believed to help people who regularly feel as if they have not slept well the previous night regardless of however many hours they spend in bed.

The Dreamcatcher tattoo may best be described as a hoop with feathers hanging off it. It is rather quaint in design and does not specifically resemble an animal or object. The awkward look portrayed by the tattoo is associated with an invisible world capable of displaying past, present and future. Colors are generally not incorporated into this tattoo to symbolize the world of dreams that are in black and white.

People can feel unrested for a number of reasons such as anxiety, financial problems or tension. These feelings often lead to bad dreams that people believe are a forerunner of bad things to come. By having the Cherokee Dreamcatcher tattoo put on your body, you can prevent the bad dreams from stealing your rest and disrupting your life.

For non-believers this may sound like superstition; however, Cherokee Dreamcatcher Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as a way to avoid the darkness of night from claiming your rest.

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