Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning


Underlying Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning


The underlying dreamcatcher tattoo meaning is something that needs to be understood completely before you get such a tattoo onto your skin. The dreamcatcher tattoo traces its heritage back to the Native American culture, where this symbol was seen as a sign of protection over the new born babies. The dreamcatcher symbol was seen as a protective covering over the infants, and it was a force which stopped the bad while letting the good pass through. The name of the dreamcatcher tattoo evolved from the fact that the dreamcatcher symbol was linked with good dreams and the exclusion of bad dreams and nightmares. However, subtle changes to the dreamcatcher tattoo designs have affected the dreamcatcher tattoo meanings as well and it is necessary that you understand these new meanings.

Meanings of Different Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

While the underlying meanings of the dreamcatcher tattoos do not change, the addition of different aspects to a dreamcatcher tattoo can also lead to the modification of the meaning. For example, let us take the most popular dreamcatcher tattoo that has feathers dangling from its ends. This dreamcatcher tattoo design is in high demand, mainly because of pop sensation Miley Cyrus flaunting it in some recent pictures. The addition of feathers in the dreamcatcher tattoo makes it a lot more vivid and colorful, showing the pride and the rich heritage of the Native American culture. These feathers enhance the design of the dreamcatcher tattoo and make it look a lot more appealing. In the past, these modifications were made to make the dreamcatcher attractive to the baby, inducing good dreams and a deep sleep. With the latest dreamcatcher tattoo designs, the addition of such feathers has the same effect on the meaning of the dreamcatcher tattoo.

Choosing a Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Once you have understood the different dreamcatcher tattoo meanings, you need to choose a dreamcatcher tattoo design for yourself. Basically, you can find a whole lot of dreamcatcher tattoo pictures over the internet that would introduce you to the new dreamcatcher tattoo designs and styles. Most of these dreamcatcher tattoos have the basic dreamcatcher symbol, along with some additions that make the dreamcatcher tattoo look gorgeous. While some of the additions will not affect the meaning of the dreamcatcher tattoo, those which alter the dreamcatcher tattoo meaning should be evaluated closely.

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