Celebrity Tattoos – Part 3

17. Christina Ricci: According to rumors, the actress Christina Ricci at least eight tattoos, the biggest of them – Aslan (right shoulder), the great lion of the “Chronicles of Narnia.”


Celebrity Tattoos – Part 2

9. Justin Bieber: Naked to the waist Justin Bieber in the company of his girlfriend Selena Gomez on the beach in Hawaii in late May 2011. The Canadian pop idol has on the left...


Celebrity Tattoos – Part 1

1. Megan Fox: Megan has a tattoo with the image of Marilyn Monroe. In 2009, she said that she really admires Marilyn, but that she never would imitate her. According to the actress, her...

Pretty Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Pretty Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Pretty Dreamcatcher tattoos are a great way of showing attachment to one’s roots. America is often associated with a certain charm in the name and the Native American race are extremely proud of their...